4 Reasons For Delays In Construction Project

A construction project takes a long time to complete. It also involves lots of activities that are difficult to manage. Delays can happen in construction projects; it can turn out to be very costly. Here are the reasons for delays in construction project.


The weather is unpredictable.If the weather is windy, it is not possible to work on the roof. If it’s rainy, you won’t be able to do any construction work. Even snow creates a problem as the surfaces become slippery. So, your work can get interrupted due to bad weather.  You should always have allowances as in your project schedule as ‘bad weather days’ in order to compensate for any damage.


If you make any changes to the plan, it will delay the project. So, you must plan very well so that you don’t have to make any major changes to the project. In case of any change, you should let the customer sign a change order so that you are not left liable if the project takes longer to complete.


Often a project is delayed due to financial problems. When the project exceeds the budget, the project cannot be carried out anymore unless more finance is made available. You should use a job costing software to keep track of the project’s cost and ensure that the budget is not exceeded.

Inefficient sub-contractors

If the sub-contractors are time wasters then your project will be delayed. You should hire full-time efficient subcontractors so that the construction works can go on full swing.

You should account for all these factors when scheduling your construction project. You should set up the timeline carefully so that you don’t pay any costly penalty for delay.